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Makes You Go Down On Your Knees | Yamaha R15 v2.0 User Review by Krushal Gondalia

Well I would say I have had a perfect experience with my Yamaha R15 v2.0 from the day it has been a part of me. I bought it on my birthday so we (me and my bike) celebrate that day together. I am impressed by the handling and the performance of this bike. I've seen people getting confused with which bike it is and staring at it and after a while finally recognize that it is R15. I enjoy the superbike feel on it though its not a superbike.  

“If someone has a dream of getting a sportsbike I would always suggest an R15 as it is the best bike to practice on”

Lately I am enjoying cornering on it. I actually did the knee down and what I felt beautiful about it was that the bike supports you. When I put myself out of the seat while cornering I was really confident to knee down at corners and I would say my confidence became stronger just because of the lovely balance of the bike. You just need to have the perfect position at corners and the R15 will let you go down on your knees and won’t let you fall !!


Because of the Deltabox chassis design, the R15 has got a real good handling and is much better on the corners. On tight chicanes its easy to turn left and right quickly thanks to its lightweight body. On straight roads at high speed (140-145 kmph) the bike is stable.

The aerodynamic design and looks are awesome. Its looks like a mini sportsbike and always attracts the attention of the people. The aerodynamic design of this bike plays an important role of cutting through the winds.

The 150cc engine is a 4 valve liquid cooled and is smooth even at the high rev bands. On long rides the engine does not heat up much thanks to its good liquid cooling system. It has been a year and half and I never had any issues with regards to its engine or electronics.


Yamaha could have used steel plated brake lines because with such power the braking should also be equally powerful. And should have kept an option of ABS, though I feel its not required but still would prefer if it is there as an option.

Healamps are not that powerful and it really becomes difficult to ride at night even after having twin headlamps.

More Power
Although the engine has decent horsepower I feel it should be at least 20 bhp instead of 17.5 bhp.

Engine Rating : 9/10
Brake Rating : 5/10
Operational Cost : 5/10 (lower rating means more costly to operate)

On-Road Price :  Rs. 1,25,000/-
Dealer  : Krishna motors
Freebies : None
Date of Purchase : 1/1/2013

Top speed Achieved : 149 kmph

Fuel Economy/Mileage : 36 kmpl

About me
I am a person who believes in hard work, like any of you I have loads of dreams and working hard to fulfill them. I like music and like to travel as well. For me bike riding has now become a crucial part of my life, because when you ride you know what you are doing, where you are heading towards. I've learned a lot with that in my personal life. I never thought of getting on racing tracks but now I am craving to race there , to learn and polish my skills through CSS (California Superbike School) and trying hard to get into it by next year.

-- Krushal Gondalia


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