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All New Yamaha FZS - FI 2014 First Impression

" The ultimate degree of perfection means even the slightest feature has not been overlooked "

This is what Yamaha says about the new Yamaha FZS-FI and they have stood by their words and loaded the FZS with eye catching features and performance upgrades. At first glance itself this bike is an eye catcher. It carries the skeleton of the previous FZS with lots of cosmetic changes and inclusion of few fancy gadgets. Yamaha has set new standards in the 150cc segment by introducing Fuel Injection technology at a very attractive price of around INR 78,250/- (ex-showroom Delhi). This price itself will attract lot of customers towards FZS-FI.

To start with, Yamaha has replaced the digital tacho console with complete LCD which looks simply outstanding. The exhaust silencer has got a new design and is small in size but very very attractive. Headlight is re-designed to meet the machoness of the updated structure of this bike. Tail lamp which was sitting low on previous version has got new position and it is quite bright than the old one. Seats are split into two parts which should provide comfortable riding experience. Grab rails are split just like all others manufacturers are doing these days. Shock absorbers remain unchanged.

Coming to the engine, the new FZS will provide lesser power as compared to old one, 0.9PS less to be precise. Also the torque has been reduced by 0.8Nm. Does it mean that this version won't be as zippy as the old one??? Probably, but Yamaha has compensated this loss by reducing the kerb weight of bike by 3 kgs.

Pic Source : maxabout.com

Finally the big change, Fuel Injection, Yamaha promises the FI will boost up the fuel economy by 14% compared to the outgoing FZS. This will certainly heat up the 150cc segment market with other manufacturers launching similar fuel efficient variants. Yamaha has almost tried to cover every possible thing to make this bike a best seller and with that price tag the new FZS-FI  is all set to intensify the 150 cc segment.

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