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Kawasaki Ninja 250R GP Edition | User Review by Rohit Amane

Hey guys, this is Rohit Amane from Mumbai. I own a Kawasaki Ninja 250R GP Edition and have been riding this Ninja since 4 years. The twin cylinder gives better performance and throttle response. Its a very good bike for cornering. Every aftermarket parts are available for Ninja, so doesn't have any issues.

About My Bike


I love the cornering experience on the Ninja.You just have to downshift and enjoy the curves. You can trust this bike to be take the corners safely.

Ninja gives even an awesome support in high speed braking. The stock IRC tyres gives nice grip while braking. I dont feel the need for ABS, the braking of ninja 250r is simply stable if you use it in a proper way and manner

Just love the throttle response of my ride and the stock sound is so smooth when you leave your throttle, it gives a slight sound like a turbo.

Top Speed Achieved : 190 kmph

Fuel Economy : 18-20kmpl


High Speed
The ride needs steering damper for its handling especially when you go beyond 150 kmph. It is too risky,as the baby ninja can’t bear the bumps on the roads.

Costly Spares
The spares of kawasaki ninja 250r are too expensive, almost same as 600cc or 1000cc bikes.

Engine at Low Revs
The bike doesn’t open up like a single cylinder, we have to rev the engine till 2500-3000rpm. Since the revs open the heart of ninja only after we cross 3000 rpm

On-Road Price : Rs. 3,85,000/-
Dealer  : Shreeram Bajaj, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Freebies : Bike cover
Date of Purchase : 9/26/2014

Ratings I will give

Enigne Rating : 10/10
Brakes Rating : 9/10
Service & Repair Costs : 3/10 (low rating means high cost)

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