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Petronas Launches Urania with ViscGuard

Petronas Launches Urania with ViscGuard

Mumbai, 27th September, 2016: PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) today launched PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard, its flagship commercial vehicle lubricant (CVL) formulated to guard against engine deposits build-up. This new range of diesel engine lubricants prevents abrasive wear and oxidation to maintain optimal oil viscosity that is necessary to keep commercial vehicle drivers and businesses on the move.

PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard will be available in phases, starting from Oct, 2016 onwards in the India.

Chief Commercial Officer of PLI, Giuseppe Pedretti said, “PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard is the result of PLI’s global research, conducted to understand our customers’ and the end consumers’ business and transportation needs.”

“We discovered that unplanned downtime is their biggest fear as it may lead to opportunity cost and loss of reputation. Thus, ensuring proper maintenance of their key asset, the engine, is extremely important.”

“PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard not only guards the heart of a vehicle against engine deposits build-up, but also has a direct impact on the total cost of ownership for our customers. In addition, it ensures that our customers are able to remain operational and meet their business commitment day after day,” said Mr. Pedretti.

The build-up of engine deposits is a common but underestimated problem, which can lead to engine failure and unplanned downtime if not addressed. Soot particles produced during the combustion process can enter the engine oil, causing thickening and further agglomerate to form larger particles that stick to critical engine parts.

These ‘silent killers’ can starve critical engine parts which require necessary lubrication and increase engine’s wear and tear. Over time, and aggravated by the severe operating conditions that commercial vehicles undergo, it will eventually lead to total engine breakdown.

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