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6 Out of 10 Customers Want A Fuel Efficient Car

6 Out of 10 Customers Want A Fuel Efficient Car

Recently, Ford India conducted a survey in order to determine the different types of cars preferred by the Indian Customers. More than 67 percent of Indian consumers say that fuel efficiency is more important than power.  That is just one conclusion of a survey of more than 9,500 drivers in 11 markets across the Asia Pacific region conducted on behalf of Ford Motor Company in June 2016.

When asked the reasons for prioritising fuel efficiency, 72 percent of consumers from India cited the need to save money. Other top reasons included a desire to be more environmentally friendly (71 percent) and concerns for high fuel prices (64 percent). The survey revealed that the need to save money was also reflected in fuel-purchasing habits. One in four (28 percent) said they already apply tactics to save at the pump such as waiting for lower fuel prices to top up.

This desire to reduce fuel consumption extends so far that drivers in India are even willing to change their behaviour on the roads. More than 40 percent of consumers say that they will change their driving habits to use less fuel and 37 percent say that they will take public transport more often. Another 33 percent say that they are planning on driving less over the next 12 months.

However, there may be signs that behaviours are changing. Many consumers who are planning to buy a new car in the next year are considering more fuel-efficient vehicles: 

Fifty six percent plan to buy a vehicle with a more fuel efficient engine 

Thirty four percent plan to downsize to a smaller vehicle 

Seventeen percent plan to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle 

The results of this survey, have sought a way for Ford Motors to hit a bull’s eye with their EcoBoost Engine present in their most popular vehicle the EcoSport. This engine has been awarded with several awards during the past few years and keeping this survey results in mind the company is aiming to further increase its sales in this Efficiency Centric Indian Automotive Market.

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