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Mobil Reaffirms Partnership With Maruti Suzuki Motorsports's Rallies For 2016

In their quest to take motorsport to a whole new level, the worlds largest publicly traded global oil and gas firm, ExxonMobil Lubricants have renewed their partnership with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd across all the 3 of the latter's adventure sports: Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare and Raid de Himalaya.

On their partnership, Mr. Rupinder Paintal, OEM Business, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd. commented,
"Over the decades, Mobil has been committed to performance and leadership in technology. It is this legacy as a product technology leader that enables us to work side-by-side with leading OEMs around the world. Partnering with Maruti Suzuki Motorsport – three years in a row – has been an affirmation of this shared commitment to excellence. Extending the relationship for another season, was a natural choice for both."
Kicking off the events, the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm commenced on the 3rd earlier this month in Noida and ended on the 24th in the sandy deserts of Jodhpur. The event was a big hit as over 100 teams registered to participate over a 2,000 km route where they fought the sandy dunes and rocky terrains of Hanumangarh, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jaipur in the undying heat of Rajasthan.

Such gruesome conditions are a test of the fitness of the man and his beast machine as they move forward in the Thar Desert. With  Mobil 1 under the hood and its lubricants running through the veins of their beasts, drivers could rely on the worlds leading synthetic engine oil to produce exceptional engine performances and protection under these extreme conditions.

At the prize distribution ceremony, Mr. Paintal said,
“Mobil has always been synonymous with engine protection and performance, and has partnered leading automakers and award-winning race teams across the world – motorsports excites us as much as any enthusiast.”
Mobil-branded engine oil have enjoyed a long legacy by partnering with the most exception and powerful teams in the history of motorsports and have contributed to these sports all across the world. With the deal with Maruti Suzuki renewed, ExxonMobil have shown that they will not stop until they have achieved what they want in the world of motorsports.

Mobil's foray in motorsports dates back to 1978 with a sponsorship to Williams formula 1 team. They have a 38-year old relationship with NASCAR, and are the official Motor oil of NASCAR, Formula Drift and Sports Car Club of America. It would seem that they are aiming for something similar in India.

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