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Mahindra KUV100 Registers 21,000 Bookings In The First Month Since Launch

Mahindra KUV100 online sale on Flipkart

Launched on 15th January 2016, the super-compact mini SUV Mahindra KUV100 registered a total of 21,000 bookings (both online and offline combined). Mahindra partnered with India's largest e-commerce company Flipkart to sell the KUV100 online. Responding to increased customer demand, Flipkart and Mahindra ensured that online bookings were fulfilled as per the promised delivery date on Flipkart. 

A new automobile category was introduced by Flipkart in January 2016 in order to transform the automobile buying landscape in India and also offer a wide selection of automotive accessories in its endeavour to become India’s leading destination for all automotive needs. The association with Mahindra, in which Flipkart ensured adherence to more demanding service level agreements (SLA), is another step in that direction. 

Targeted at the youth and first time car buyers, the KUV100 is contemporary with new age technology. Mahindra recorded over 21000 bookings in just over a month after its launch both on Flipkart and offline. Interestingly, 45% percent of the bookings on Flipkart came from top 5 cities which reiterate Flipkart’s stronghold in top e-commerce geographies in India. 

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