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What 'Make In India' Means To Nissan India

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Guillaume Sicard, President - Nissan India, revealed at the SIAM Convention 2015 what 'Make In India' - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign to the economies of the world to invest in India - means to Nissan's business in India.

Mr. Sicard said, “The Automobile industry is definitely one of the industries that has emerged under the “Make in India” umbrella as many global OEMs have set up their plants in India to deliver on the domestic market as well as for exporting. What is important now is to move from being a manufacturing base to establishing “Brand India” globally.

Make in India for us is not just manufacturing in India, but being able to manufacture products which meet global customer requirements. We have invested in a big R&D centre where more than 5000 engineers are supporting design and development of vehicles, and adopting international technologies. By establishing a global R&D centre, we are also leveraging India’s capability for knowledge sourcing.

Another important aspect of Make in India is India’s strength in sourcing. With our alliance organization, India is the second largest supplier to global Renault- Nissan plants, supplying over 1800 parts. This reinforces our ability to deliver quality products to global markets.

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