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Yamaha YZF R3 - The Wait Is Over

Yamaha R3 Launch In India
(IMAGE COURTESY: waww.yamaha-motor.eu)
Its official, Yamaha is all set to launch its next 'R' in India on 11th August at BIC, Noida. Yes, it is the yamaha YZF-R3.

At first, one would say its more like the R15 but look closely and its a totally different person. Still yamaha kept their signature dual head lamps, the long swing arms and of course the sharp edges that make the R- series look apart. One major thing you will notice is that no delta box frame, instead they just used the classic diamond frame made of steel. This makes the bike weight about 150kg (without the fuel) and also the suspension will be little on the softer side. I think this is a sports tourer like the CBR-250, this is not a powered up R15. That's a little sad because R15 users always wanted that extra power behind the wheels. Then there was the headlamps that looked cheap, the R3 has far better head lamp details than the R15 but still isn't as good as the projector things found on the pulsarSS. May be, this bike is targeted at a specific riders out there. Take a look the specs and you will notice DOHC engine means each of the four values can be operated individually unlike in a SOHC engine and the bikes a little taller, wider, higher ground clearance and raised handle bars; all details adding better ergonomics.

Should you wait for it?
Of course,You should hang in there a little longer till we get our hands on it, to fully understand this beauty,you will never know; until you try. I can answer a few important questions most of you have in mind.  

How much will it cost? 
Its On-Road Price range will be around 2.45- 2.75 lakhs.

Can a Duke 390 win you in a street race?
Not that you should be racing but sadly yes, he will be long gone before you know it.

Will your spine hurt after a few minutes in traffic?
Given the raised handle bars and softer suspension, it will be a painless ride

Is the pillion seat comfortable?

Does it come in black?
Yes, it does.
Yamaha R3 Black Launch In India
(IMAGE COURTESY: waww.yamaha-motor.eu)

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