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KTM RC390 User Review | “Achieving Speeds In Excess of 160 kmph Is A Cakewalk”

KTM RC390 User Review India Ryan Fernandes

Being part of a top superbike group named as DARK (Devil Angels Rider's Klub) in Mumbai it wasn't only speed which matters, safety is also important for us. The RC390 was the best choice for me, offering perfect balance between price, speed and safety. Achieving speed in excess of 160 kmph is a mere cake walk for this bike.

Things I like about my RC390

The bike design is fantastic, it feels like a true blue racing bike built for the racing tracks. I can cope up on corners with best of the superbikes and also has excellent braking performance all thanks to Metzeller tyres and ABS. The bike handles really well in corners and is equally stable on the straights. The projector headlamps look neat and give great road visibility in the night. The bike is value for money and totally worth it.

KTM RC390 User Review India Ryan Fernandes

Things I don’t like about my RC390

There are loads of positives to share about the bike in comparison to the negatives. One problem I had was with the external gear shifter rod which lost its bolt on my maiden ride with the RC390 with my riding club DARK. I miss my R15’s delta box frame while tackling section with lot of cross winds. Also I feel that the quality of plastics could be improved and the seats could have been more comfortable. One should also note that the electronics on KTM and the Indian monsoon don’t go well with each other.

Ratings by me for the RC390

Engine – 10/10
Brakes – 8/10
Service/Repair Cost – 7/10
Comfort – 6/10
Fuel Efficiency – 8/10

KTM RC390 User Review India Ryan Fernandes

More Details
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dealer : Shree Ram Bajaj, Thane
On-Road Price of Your Bike : 2,26,000/-
Freebies :  None
Top Speed Achieved : 178kmph
Fuel Economy or Mileage : 32kmpl
Date of Purchase : 10/4/2014

About Me

Hello! I am Ryan Fernandes a.k.a Domineer -  the call sign in my riding group. I am an event manager by profession and have been riding since 2010. I started with a Bajaj Pulsar 150 in my garage, then bought the Bajaj Pulsar 220 in 2011 and later on upgraded to a Yamaha R15 v2 in 2013. Did all best possible upgrades to it with the Daytona kit and finally my urge of more speed led me towards the track built RC 390.

KTM RC390 User Review India Ryan Fernandes

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