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Full Review | Yamaha Saluto 125cc

Yamaha Saluto 125 Review

Yamaha's latest and 3rd contender in the 125cc motorcycle - the Saluto - comes with its latest Blue Core technology. The Saluto is the cheapest 125cc bike, with decent performance, best in class mileage and contemporary looks. We tested the Saluto over various riding conditions in city, expressway and village roads and the following is what we have to say about the bike.

Looks, Style & Design - 3/5

The Saluto has been given a modern & stylish design comparable to the likes of bigger 150cc bikes. Body graphics has been kept at minimum levels which suits the overall contemporary styling. Matt black finish on the 5-spoke alloy wheels, engine and exhaust gives it a sporty look. The headlights, tail lamps and side indicators all are well carved out adding value to the overall package.

Then where does it loses the 2 rating points? Its the mediocre speedo-console and switches. All analogue console it a big turn off nowadays especially when the competitors are offering much better full or half digital speedo-consoles. As for the switches, the horn button is placed such a way the you end up pressing the side indicator switch and miss it many-a-times unless you get used to it. Poor ergonomics!

Engine & Performance - 4.5/5

Frankly, the engine is the best thing about the Saluto. It's fantastic! The Saluto is powered by 125 cc Yamaha Blue Core engine which produces 8.3 PS of power @ 7,000rpm and 10.1 Nm of torque @ 4,500 rpm. Clearly the most under powered 125cc bike (check the bike comparison table at the end of the article. The engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox with all-down shift pattern.

Yamaha Saluto 125 Review

The Saluto has a great low end torque which results into a very good pick-up and acceleration. The engine is smooth upto 60 kmph. Between 60 - 80 kmph vibrations can be felt on the handle bar and is not the speed that you want to continuously cruise at. Above 80kmph, yes it can go above 80 kmph quite easily, the vibrations reduce surprisingly and you can again feel the smoothness of the Yamaha engine.

We were very impressed with the Saluto's stability at speeds in excess of 90 kmph. We were even more impressed when the Saluto touched a top speed of 109 kmph (such test was carried out on empty roads with adequate safety gears for the rider). Obviously, it was quite a struggle to reach that top speed and the Saluto started becoming unstable. But the Saluto can be cruised in speeds between 90 kmph - 100 kmph on the right roads (wide, pothole free, freeways/expressways/highways) with the right kind of safety gears.

The Saluto we tested lacked disc brake in the front. The drum brakes are adequate enough for speeds below 60 kmph, above this speed the brakes lack the bite and take their own time of stop the bike. The latest edition comes with the front disc brake option and thus can be assumed that the braking performance will be better.

The points where the Saluto loses the half rating point are the tryes and weight. The stock Ceat tryes on the Saluto are tiny (not that its competitors have bigger tyres) and are very slippery which makes riding on wet roads a bit of a challenge. Being so light, the Saluto is vulnerable to strong cross winds which can throw you off your lane.

Yamaha Saluto 125 Review

Ride, Comfort & Convenience - 3/5

The Saluto has a fantastic set of suspension at the front and the rear. The Saluto tackles the worst of the roads with ease and is very comfortable for the rider. The bike feels light as well as sturdy thanks to the evenly distributed weight. The seat for the rider is wide enough and comfortable on long rides. We tested the Saluto over 400 kms with a 250 kms single day ride to Lohagad Fort near Lonavla and the comfort levels for the rider were impressive enough.

Then why only 3 rating points? That's because although the ride quality and comfort is great for the rider, it isn't the case for the pillion rider. The pillion rider's seat is small and hard which makes it very uncomfortable for long rides. Also to open the seat for tools & stowage one needs to open the side panel with a specific sized spanner, which is very inconvenient.

Yamaha Saluto 125 Review

Fuel Economy - 5/5

The Saluto delivers a stunning 72 kmpl mileage under day-to-day riding conditions. For a 125cc bike with a very good acceleration and speed performance in its class is truly amazing. Don't forget that the engine's max power output is only 8.3 PS which is a major factor behind this amazing mileage.

Verdict - 4/5

The Saluto retails at INR 52,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and is one of the cheapest 125cc motorcycle you can buy. The engine is smooth and feels powerful enough. It has the best in class mileage as well. But practically the Saluto is not so comfortable for 2 people and thus loses a rating point for this. Overall, the Saluto is a great package and we at MotorZest definitely recommend it.

Yamaha Saluto 125 Review

Competition Check

Make & Model
Max Power
Max Torque
Price (ex-Delhi)
Yamaha Saluto
8.3 PS @7,000 rpm
10.1 Nm @ 4,500 rpm
112 kg
Rs. 52,000
Yamaha SS125
11 PS @ 7,500 rpm
10.4 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
125 kg
Rs. 56,555
Yamaha YBR125
10.88 PS @ 7,500 rpm
10.4 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
126 kg
Rs. 50,846
Hero Ignitor
11.1 Ps @ 8,000 rpm
11 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
129 kg
Rs. 60,500
Hero Glamour
9.1 PS @ 7,000 rpm
10.35 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
125 kg
Rs. 55,925
Hero Glamour FI
9.1 PS @ 7,000 rpm
10.35 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
125 kg
Rs. 65,600
Hero Super Splendor
9.1 PS @ 7,000 rpm
10.35 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
121 kg
Rs. 53,600
Honda Stunner CBF
11.1 PS @ 8,000 rpm
11 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
126 kg
Rs. 58,721
Suzuki Slinghsot +
8.6 PS @ 7,500 rpm
10 Nm @ 3,500 rpm
129 kg
Rs. 58,901
Bajaj Discover 125
11 PS @ 8,000 rpm
10.8 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
120.5 kg
Rs. 52,002
TVS Phoenix 125
11 PS @ 8,000 rpm
10.8 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
116 kg
Rs. 52,380


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