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All You Need To Know About Peugeot Scooters

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Peugeot is a French automotive brand part of PSA Peugeot Citroen. The company has been in this sector since decades and has been in the league of providing constant products with upto date technological advancements to their customers since 1810. Peugeot cars and scooters are extremely popular in the Europe and rest of the countries however it has never made a mark in India and to expand their business with the Indian automotive sector Mahindra has now acquired 51% of the Peugeot scooters controlling stake and would soon launch Peugeot Scooters in India.

The family business that preceded the current Peugeot company was founded in 1810, and manufactured coffee mills and bicycles. On 20 November 1858, Emile Peugeot applied for the lion trademark. Armand Peugeot built the company's first car, an unreliable steam tricycle, in collaboration with Leon Serpollet in 1889; this was followed in 1890 by an internal combustion car with a Panhard-Diamler engine. Due to family discord, Armand Peugeot in 1896 founded the Société des Automobiles Peugeot. The Peugeot company and family are originally from Sochaux, France. Peugeot retains a large manufacturing plant and a Peugeot museum there. In February 2014, the shareholders agreed to a recapitalisation plan, in which Dongfeng Motors and the French government each bought a 14% stake in the company.

Peugeot Motorcycles is a subsidiary of the French automaker that builds small motorcycles primarily for the French domestic market. Peugeot manufactured their first motorcycle in 1898 with the de Dion-Bouton engine mounted on the rear wheel. This model was shown at the 1898 Paris exhibition but was never manufactured. Peugeot did manufacture tricycle in 1898 although most of the machine was actually manufactured by De Dion-Bouton.

In 1900, Peugeot started to manufacture quadriciycles but this fell out of favor and ceases to be produced in 1903. In 1901 spurred on the success of the French built Werner brothers and company moto Bicyclette, Peugeot produced their own motorcycle using a swiss made engine. The Peugeot 500M, a 500c dual overhead crankshaft model appeared in 1914, the first of its type. The company was the French motorcycle production leader in the 1950s producing many models. Today, Peugeot is the only French motorcycle maker.

The Two-wheeler Brand
Peugeot is the oldest scooter brand in the world and it possesses a unique history of technological advancements in the field of production.

1886: The first series manufactured bicycles and tricycles were launched by the company. With Armand Peugeot at the helm and following tests on the grand bi, the company launched its series-manufactured, chain driven bikes and tricycles at its Bealieu plant.
1886: First bicycle
1901: Following its 1898 motorized trike launch, the company presented its first 198cc, 1.5 bhp motorbike.
1901: First 198 cc motorcycle
1934: Between 1901 and 1939, Peugeot showcased 61 models that ranged from 100-745cc. In 1934, its P515 (495cc) beat 9 world records, including the 3000km race where it clocked an average of 118km/h.
1934: P515  motorcycle
1952: The company now started to offer commuters ranging from 100 to 250cc. Another achievement the company achieved was the Bol d’Or and Le Mans victory with the P176 motorbike.
1952: Company started commuters
1955: The company now launches its S55 and S57 scooters with a design that is reminiscent of their 4-wheeled 203 sister.
1955: S55 scooters
1974: Peugeot achieved record-breaking sales with the P103 and P104 series on the moped market (limited to 50cc) where the company had been in the forefront since 1949.
1974: P103 and P104 mopeds
1982: Scooters were back in fashion in this era and Peugeot launched its SC and SX series, the first scooters with plastic bodywork.
1982:SC & SX Series
1983: The 1st carbon composite bike, PY10 was launched. It revolutionized racing bikes with its carbon-composite frame and gained a great reputation from both professionals and amateurs.
1983: 1st carbon composite bike
1984: Anticipating its customers wishes, Peugeot cycles launches the first off-road bike in France.
1984: First off-road bike
2006: Following on from the success of the Elystar, Peugeot’s first ABS series equipped 125cc scooter, the brand launched its Satelis and Geopolis GT scooters inspired by the automotive world.

2006: Sartelis launched
Following the virtual abandonment of mopeds in favor of scooters by customers, Peugeot has directed its construction to this product. The brand is now famous for their manufacture on its sites Dannemarie (300 employees) and Mandeure (800 employees). The brand has developed large-displacement scooters (125 cc and above), in addition to its models of entry-level Ludix, which it announced in 2008 the relocation to China. Peugeot Scooters are especially popular in Switzerland and France.

In 1930, Peugeot absorbed Automoto who had been a pioneer in the field of motorcycles and scooters. It is unusual to see bikes circulating brand elsewhere in France. 50 cc Mopeds are very popular in France for several reasons: a national market price slightly lower than the competition, equipment, motor bikes in the AM6 Minarelli, like many other manufacturers, which facilitates repairs and lowers their price. The price of opportunity is much lower than most manufacturers, which causes an energizing effect on the market.

Before the famous and XP6 XPS appeared in 1997, 50cc motorcycles carried the name of XP [17] dating from 1986 and TLX 1982. Other models largest displacements also existed, but there remain today more than the XPS CT 125 (125 cc) equipped with Yamaha engines. Ungoverned and slightly modified motorcycles 50cc reach 90 km/h.

The XP6 XPS and have a profile motorcycle cross, the XR6 and XR7 has a sporty profile, but cost more and are less numerous. AM6 XP6 Meca-boxes with a Minarelli AM6 engine.

Current Models
Peugeot currently concentrates on 14 different scooter models with engines which range from 50 to 500cc. These are: GL10, GT10, TSA, TLX, XP, SX5, SX8, BB P107, TYPE 55.

Recent Developments

Recently, Mahindra has acquired 51 per cent stake in Peugeot Motorcycles (PMTS) and this partnership is expected to bring a range of Peugeot scooters to India, to be assembled and sold here. About six Peugeot scooters are to be launched in India ranging from the three-wheeled Metropolis 400 to the retro Django scooter. The islt of the scooters to be launched in India are as follows:

Metropolis 400i: First up, is the top of the line three-wheeled Metropolis 400i, featuring a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled 400cc engine which makes a whopping 37PS of power. This isn’t a light scooter, tipping the scales at 278kg. And it’s got both front and rear disc brakes too, in addition to other premium features like DRLs, parking brake, driver and passenger backrests and adjustable windscreen.

Satelis scooter: Next is the Satelis scooter, which is available in both 300cc and 125cc engine versions, both 4-stroke liquid cooled units with automatic transmission and front and rear disc brakes.

Citystar: The Citystar is a 125cc scooter, again with a 4-stroke engine that makes an impressive 14PS of power. It comes in both an air-cooled as well as a liquid-cooled version. It’s not a light scooter at 150kg and the liquid-cooled version adds 5 kg more to its weight. Braking is again handled by discs, both front and rear.

Django: Next to the Citystar sits the Django, with retro cool styling. The Django is also powered by a 4-stroke 125cc engine, an air cooled one, and is good for 10PS of power.

Speedfight 3:  The Speedfight 3 features a 125cc air-cooled engine and makes 10PS power. It’s moderately lighter than the other scooters at 114kg and comes equipped with disc brakes front and rear.

Streetzone: Next to the Speedfight 3 sits the 50cc Streetzone, the smallest scooter here, featuring a 50cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine which makes 4PS of peak power. With its small displacement engine, the Streetzone weighs 87kg, but comes equipped with a front disc brake and rear drum.

Since all these scooters come in the segment of premium scooters so they would be priced above the rest and would compete against the likes of the Vespa in India. 


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