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What Is A Mobile Mechanic And Why Is It Good News For Car Owners?

Guest Article by - Kirtimaan Prakash, Karmechanics.com

Let’s say you realize that your car needs an oil change and filter service & it’s been due for almost a week. Now most probably if you have a job or you have our own venture it will be hard for you to get it repaired on weekdays. So either you’ll wait for the weekend and take it to your local garage shop or schedule it for the next weekend.

And if by next week you find out that you have an engine noise coming out of your engine head.You take it to the mechanic & he suggests that it is due to delay in an oil change and filter service. You realize that little delay in service costed your car an extra repair and part replacement. This could have been easily avoided had the car been repaired on time.

What if you had the option to get it repaired on weekdays at the comfort of your home/office. Sounds too good to be true?

(credits: mechanicsthatcometoyou.com)

We at Karmechanics are trying to do the same where you can order doorstep car repair and service at the comfort of your home. In this age of convenience where all your services are available on the internet, you don’t need to wait for 1 full week to get your car repaired. You can simply order mobile mechanics through Karmechanics and let them fix your car while you spend time on work that matters the most.

I am sure that most of you might be thinking that you need a proper workshop and a car repair set up to fix cars. Right?

Well, almost 70-80% of the car services can be done without any proper setup right at your doorsteps. We have been fixing cars for quite some time now. So it’s possible for us to fix it at your location. Complex things like head gasket repair and the replacement can’t be done at your place. But all our mechanics are fully vetted professionals and have been fixing cars at people’s doorsteps for years.

Interestingly, in the past there have been a lot of companies who tried to do so but have failed for reasons where they couldn’t grow fast with the increasing capital costs. We realized the #1 problem in doing so was the customer experience and cost of car repairs. A local garage or authorized workshop has a lot of overhead expenses like rent, electricity and other running costs. The benefit of going mobile is that we don’t need to pay any such costs.

This has helped us in keeping our costs lower than the dealer repairs and giving our customers close to 25-30% less cost than the authorized workshop and in the future we aim to reduce our costs as we grow with business.

Most of the car owners (80% of them) don’t renew their car warranty once it has expired. The options they look out for is local cheap local garages. That’s where we come in, after market car repairs. Where we take care of all our customer’s car problems at their doorsteps.

While doing so, we also like to back our work with 30 Day guarantee claim so that customers feel safe while booking car repair from our site. All the work that we do involves original parts and using professional high-end tools and equipment.

We generally service these common car repairs:

1) Car not starting
2) Routine maintenance
3) Car spa & car detailing
4) Oil change & filter service
5) Brake jobs
6) Tune up
7) Emission failures.

While we do other work as well but if a customer needs that we provide it on their special request.

How does it work?

You visit the website or call us and place your order, we then follow it up with an appointment call and then send our vetted mechanic at your place where he performs the job and you pay for it. We attend calls all across Delhi and NCR.

It is as simple as booking a pizza. Come visit our website and we’ll come and visit you.
We personally invite all reader of Motorzest to come and book any service on our website and get an instant discount on their first order. All you have to do is copy the text below & give a quick shout at info@karmechanics.com

Hello Karmechanics,

I want (insert your service here) at my doorsteps and please give me 10% discount on it.


If you have any suggestions, comments, advice please mention in the comments below.
We’ll try to answer them.

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