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"Yamaha Launches Updated Version Of Alpha, Ray & Ray Z"

The ''BLUE CORE'' technology taken up by ''YAMAHA INDIA''  helped it in launching 3 new versions of stylish scooters . The youth will be excited to drive the A-1,striking new models like RAY and  RAY-Z with attractive new colors (white, red,  green,  violet, blue etc on black) with highly efficient improved mileage of 66 kmpl .The excellent engine ability and adorable design  of these scooters makes every ride a comfortable and joyous one.

The RAY-Z and RAY models are particularly designed for young men and women of 18 to 22 years old, providing good pick-up, sporty look , smooth start-up acceleration, sufficient under seat space, the seat at the height of 178 cm from ground etc., to have a space as the 'NEWEST ADDITION TO YOUR GANG'.

                                 Image result for new stylish yamaha ray for girls images
                           The new stylish ray for girls

               Here's the scooter especially for men…..
                        And the new RAY-Z bro for boys
''THE ALPHA'' on the other hand is of course making its debut as the brand new blue ray product is highly recommended for families of developing INDIA which is also available in attractive colors .

This brand new alpha(introduced in India at earlier 2014) also provides 66 km per liter beating the old mileage of 62kmpl!!!

All these three products RAY,RAY-Z(launched in 2012 and 2013)and ALPHA are subjected to some minor repair in engine and went through some changes like Nickel spark plug for improved combustion, New muffler settings, New BS carburetor &TPS setting. These are the improvised features of the blue core scooters which makes them eco-friendly.

The ALPHA is specially developed for family customer with a concept easy to go and high utility city mover. Alpha and Ray -z are now available in brand new colors gleaming gold and cyan splash respectively  and their respective prices are given below:

Alpha (Blue Core Enabled)

(Ex-showroom Delhi)

 Ray Z (Blue Core Enabled)

(Ex-showroom Delhi  

Ray (Blue Core Enabled)

(Ex-showroom Delhi)

The vice president of Yamaha motors India sales Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Roy Kurian said that 'with this blue core technology development the company is expecting the 50% sales of Yamaha scooters all over India as their current sales rate is 40% itself'

The three brand new vehicles are now fully loaded and waiting to explore with u all over the country. It was developed to target family customers with its concept of  “Easy to go and high utility city mover”.


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