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IED & Quattroruote Presents 'Syrma' Concept Car


The Istituto Europeo di Design and Quattroruote acknowledge the superiority and innovation of Italian design at a world preview of the Syrma concept car at the 85th Geneva Motor Show. The concept car is a 11th 1:1 scale model, that was designed by the now historic Master in Transportation Design of the Turin Istituto Europeo di Design.

 Quattroruote is one of the Italy’s most knowledgeable and reliable motoring magazines. It is also a long-term promoter over “road safety”.  Being decided to raise the awareness of the issue, asked Master students to research ad hoc technologies to be tested on this innovative vehicle.

To display the co-operation between Quattroruote and the Istituto Europeo di Design, highlight their common, markedly Italian DNA and to present a world preview of the concept car at the Quattroruote booth, The Swiss Motor Show, being a regular appointment for both, was selected as ideal venue.

SYRMA with specifications: length- 4,730mm, width-1,980mm, height-1,155mm and pitch-2,790mm; features an innovative layout: three staggered front seats with central driving position and rear power unit. It possess hybrid propulsion system with a v6 twin turbo, an electric engine and approximately 4-litre heat engine, which together delivers nearly 900hp. By usage of the electric engine, this rear-wheel drives vehicle mobiles freely in city centre’s and contributing itself to reduce air pollution.

The Car is intended to deliver safety, also features a complete array of innovative passive and active safety devices. When it was in electric mode, it runs in a completely silent manner and its arrival can be heeded, as of  its front laser projections on the road. When looking at the internal layout, cockpit envelops the passengers of two side and was covered by a teardrop window screen, that act as protective shield of the cabin. While driving, the central driving position gives the maximum clarity.      
The name Syrma sprouts out from a competition which was launched by Istituto Europeo di Design and Quattroruote on the monthly magazine's website on the occasion of QuattroruoteDay2015. It invited all the web audience to choose a name out of five options, to name the name model. All the options starts with letter S and ending with letter A, in the honor to the once-off 1960s sigma and Secura prototypes produced,  with the proposal of Gianni Mazzochi, publisher and founder of Quattroruote.

Gian Luca Pellegrini, Director of Quattroruote says, "the partnership between the magazine and IED is expected to highlight Italian excellence in car design and dedicated to train younger generations. In addition to the academic programs of IED, the syrma displays the distinct Italian style and it can be interpreted by students from all over the world."

Maurizio Cortese, IED CEO says " The Istituto Europeo di Design is the Italian's one of the best design school which offers students with instruments and opportunities to participate in international context. We  are promoting a method of teaching that combines 'Knowing with Knowing how', that makes them to approach the profession of designer from the very basics , through experience of our professors and continuous contact of the leading experts. The Syrma, is an effective example of our mission and philosophy." 

Riccardo Balbo, Director of IED Turin says " IED is an innovative laboratory, which forecasts the society needs and responsible for the innovation and researching the issues and problems of tomorrow.  Master in Transportation Design has allowed us to embrace a new challenge this year , that helped us to link formal research with concept sports car with consideration of safety and environmental impacts. We have teamed up with Quattroruote to meet this challenge."

Over the years Master in Transportation Design in its 11th edition, made necessary improvements to train competent automotive professionals to enter the world of work through compatibility with companies. The Syrma, thesis project of eleven students of this Master course, is the end result of a process which simulates a real-life working environment.  

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