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All About The New 18.2 kmpl Rule By Indian Government

The Indian Government has been quite inquisitive about the automotive industry in India. They've been passing new laws and new regulations and one of them is the new average 18.2 kilometers per liter rule. To be exercised from April 2017, this new rule sets guidelines for the average mileage that the cars of a particular manufacturer offer.

It is important to note that this does not imply the manufacturers cannot sell cars with less than 18.2 kmpl mileage but simply that the average mileage of all its cars up for sale cannot be less than 18.2 kmpl. This a welcome reform because as the gas prices increase, the fuel consumption of the vehicles is a prime concern for the consumers.

The number 18.2 is 15% more than the previously set standards and will require the car manufacturers invest in research and development of their vehicles in order to make them more fuel efficient. The number is further expected to rise up to 22kmpl by 2022.

To put things into perspective, with increased efficiency standards the expected savings are nearly 90,000 crore per annum. While this will help the consumers there is a possibility that the manufacturers may compensate for this through reduced safety measures and less reliable equipment.

Notwithstanding that, the new reform puts India at par with countries like China, Japan, USA and Germany in terms of fuel efficiency standards.

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