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Lamborghini Unveils Asterion LPI 910-4 At The Concours D'Elegance At Villa D'Este

Cernobbio :  Lamborghini will finally make its debut entry at the esteemed Concours d’Elegance competition near the pristine shores of Lake Como; unveiling the Asterion LPI 910-4, in a bid to win the prestigious “Design Award for conceptual cars and prototypes”  which acknowledges automotive’s glorious past with the innovative future. Mr. Filippo Perini (Centro de Stile Head), who designed the Asterion along with this team, will be leading the charge for Automobili Lamborghini.

The latest offering from the Italian automotive giants is, at its core, a typical Lamborghini, yet still holds its own against its revered predecessors. Laying its stake as an entirely in-house developed Lamborghini car, the Asterion’s plug-in hybrid engine is a far cry from the V12, 60 degree engine; whereas its sleek design gives it the unmistakable Lamborghini countenance.

With a longitudinally placed V10 5.2 litre mid-engine, the Asterion provides a reliable alternative to cut back on CO2 emissions (restricted to 98g/km). The naturally aspirated mid engine, combined with the three electro motors are the reason behind the Asterion’s acceleration from 0-100 km/h in three seconds flat, providing a maximum speed of 320 km/h.  With a pure electric range of 50kms, the Asterion is also suitable for a drive in the city.

The launch of Asterion is not only a step forward for Lamborghini, but also extends their historic rivalry with Ferrari. Lamborghini’s  Asterion is considered to be a reply to its compatriot’s 458 Speciale Aperta. The decades-old animosity between the two Italian powerhouses has taken an interesting turn with these respective launches.

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT, which was also showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2014, has blown the elite automotive race wide open with its V8 bi-turbo engine providing 510 HP, albeit sans the gull wing door design prominently featuring in the earlier AMG models.

Head to head, the ‘Lambo’ stands out amongst its other counterparts, with a staggering 910 hp thank to its hybrid engine, using just 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The Speciale Aperta doesn’t fall far behind, with reports doing the rounds that it completed the fastest lap at Fiorano in 1’23”5, outclassing the other Maranello models like the Ferrari Enzo.

If the prevailing circumstances are anything to go by, Lamborghini’s grasp seems to be ruling the roost, even if only ephemerally. 

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