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Is It A Spaceship? An Autobot? No! Its The Chevrolet FNR

Chevrolet has taken the automobile designing two steps further by unveiling the insanely futuristic self-driving concept car – The Chevrolet FNR at the Shanghai Motor Show. It is an autonomous electric vehicle and has been designed at Chevrolet’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC).

The design of the car is what grabs the eyeball. It seems too unreal and way ahead of its time. Describing the design as stunning would be an understatement. The concept car is made mostly of glass, with crystal headlights and tail lights and has dragonfly swing doors.

 Once you are inside, you are greeted by a wall-to-wall, an entirely virtual dashboard, coming straight out of a vehicle from a science fiction movie. The car uses an array of sensors and comes with futuristic technology. To start the car, it will scan your eyes’ iris and only after it recognizes your eyes’ iris will you be able to start the vehicle. The car’s roof mounted radars scan the surroundings and map them and will then find out the best route to reach your destination.

The autonomous abilities of the car match its styling as well. Once on the go, and the self-driving mode is active, the front seats can swivel 180 degrees to make it comfortable to have a conversation with the ones sitting at the back seat.

It can be safely said that the self-driving cars of the future will certainly not be boring to look at!

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