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Honda Civic Concept, 10th Generation Of Pure Class

And Honda has done it again, with the 10th generation concept launched the Japanese auto giants has made this clear, "if somethings perfect why change the recipe".While the body of the car is not too over-the-top, as is the norm with Honda concepts, there are sill some noticeable changes. From wraparound taillights, to a significantly more sporty rear, Honda has no doubt upgraded the exterior enough to entice potential buyers.

The thing you’ll notice immediately is the longer hood, likely followed by the lowered stance, while the front fascia sports LED headlights that frame the “Flying H” grille. While Honda only brought the coupe to New York, four more models will be available: sedan, five-door hatchback, Si and Type-R.

The 10th-gen Civic will be the first Honda model in the US to offer the 1.5-liter turbocharged V-TEC engine. Those who go for the manual option get a six-speed short-shift, while those who elect to keep it automatic will be hooked up to a CVT. While the focus is on performance and fun, Honda promises that the new Civic will have “near-luxury levels of cabin quietness and ride refinement.”

But perhaps the most exciting news for lead-footed fan boys will be the inclusion of both a Civic Si and the Nürburgring-champion Civic Type R for the US market. We'd both hoped and suspected that the Type R might make the leap to North America, and Honda hasn't disappointed.

However, Honda has not revealed an interior or specification to the press. Simply put; They don’t exist as of this posting but we expect them to the same funky and sci-fi just like the exterior.

Photo Courtsey - autoblog.com

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