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Sahara Joins Hand with Hype Energy

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Hype Energy is one of the world’s energy leading energy drinks and first energy drinks in 1994 which was launched by Barry Cox, the founder of Hard Rock Cafe. The brand is now owned by the former Formula 1 driver Bertrand Gachot.  It includes many variants like Hype Energy UP, MFP, MFP ZERO, ENLITE, MOJITO and SHOT. Now this brand is currently available in over 45 countries with its trademark registered in over 145 countries.

Sahara has announced its partnership with Hype Energy. Hence the company’s branding will be appearing on the side pod wing of the Force India VJMO8, a formula one racing car which Force India will use to complete in the 2015 Formula One Season. 

Bertrand Gachot, the CEO of the company felt excited with their partnership with Sahara. He said that he is proud for Hype Energy drinks to sponsor the team he used to race with over 20 years ago and excited because of its long history in motor-sports and lifestyle sponsorship.

Dr Vijay Mallya, Team Principal and Managing Director of Sahara Force India, said that Hype Energy is a dynamic and exciting brand, a good fit with their team image and Formula one as a whole. He further assured that the global appeal of the sport will provide Hype Energy drinks with a strong platform to continue building their global network. 

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