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Tata Pelican - Upgraded Nano To Rival The Likes Of Alto and Eon | Price, Specs

Tata Motors is said to be developing a new car named ‘Pelican’, based on the Nano platform. Although the vision was a noble one, Nano has never been able to dominate the market as it was supposed to. There are numerous reasons as to why the ‘Lakhtakia’ could not overcome these hurdles but that is a thing of the past. Tata is said to have believed that it would be difficult to revive the project and therefore, the Tata Pelican.

The car will come equipped with a newly developed 3-cylinder, 1 litre petrol engine unlike the 624cc, 2-cylinder engine of Nano. Initially there were rumors about the 800cc diesel motor being used in the car but the whole industry has suspended the compact diesel engine plans due to high NVH levels and therefore, Tata might also stay put with the petrol engine only.

The Pelican will be priced above the Nano, at around 2.5 lakhs onwards and could go on sale in 2016-17. Although, Tata officials refused to comment on any such plans, the industry buzz confirms their validity.

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