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Mercedes Showcases Self-Driving Technology in Future Truck 2025

Ever wanted to know what the trucks would look like 10 years from now? Mercedes-Benz has given a sneak peak at that and showcased the concept truck it plans to launch by 2025.

Named the Future Truck 2025, the demonstration truck gave an insight into the technology and the advancements we can expect to see in the vehicles of the future. And what technology are we talking about here? It is automated driving.

We have seen the autonomous driving technology being used in cars recently, and now Mercedes-Benz, by bringing this technology into trucks, wants to make truck driving safe, especially on highways. With truck drivers having to drive long distances continuously for long periods, autonomous driving will give the drivers the required rest. But how does all this work?

There is a bunch of radar sensors which scan the road and keep the truck clear of the oncoming traffic and keep the truck in its lane. Since these big trucks have huge blind spot, the Future Truck 2025 has the latest blind-spot assist system in place with the help of sensors mounted on the side of the tractor and the trailer to cover the left and the right lanes.

While driving on the highway, after reaching the speed of 80Km/hr., the system offers the driver the option of “Highway Pilot”. By activating it, the truck goes into automated driving mode. The driving can take some time off driving, and take back the steering wheel after a time. During the Highway Pilot mode, the truck uses the built in navigation system and chooses the best route to reach its destination. In case it is time to get off the highway, the system flashes an alarm to inform the driver to get his hands back on the steering wheel and in case of emergency, it can automatically apply brakes, bringing the truck to a controlled stop.

The interiors of the truck feel nothing less than luxurious with curved wooden flooring, large LCD displays, a comfortable and swivel chair which can be rotated by up to 45 degrees. On the front side of the truck, instead of regular headlamps, there are LED lights which change from white to blue when the truck in in autonomous mode and disappear when the truck is parked.

The Future Truck 2025 is still disguised in black and white adhesive foil to protect its external appearance. With this concept, we can say that roads in future will become safer and more secure.

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