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DSK Benelli Launched in Pune

Benelli launched its 5 bikes in collaboration with DSK on the occasion of Gudi-Padva in Pune. The launch ceremony started at 11:30 am. The whole DSK family was present at the venue. 

The price range of the bikes launched is as follows:

TNT 300 MRF- 286000

TNT 300 PIRELLI – 295000

TNT 600i – 522000

TNT 600GT – 570000

TNT 600 GTS – 606000

TNT 899 – 959000

TNT R – 1195000

From our side Mr. Deep Pawar and Abhishek Nayak were present at the ceremony.
On asking Mr. George Wang, The Board of Director, Benelli, about their plans and strategy for Indian market, he said-“At present each and every automobile company has an eye on Indian market, as India is the fastest growing market for automobile industry. He further added, we will first study the market and will go step by step. “

When asked about the expected sales this year –“We are expecting to sell around 3000 Benelli bikes this year” – said Mr. Wang.

Mr. D.S. Kulkarni who was present at the ceremony said -“We feel honoured to work with such a big company like Benelli. We will try to make it No.1 Company. “

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