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Mahindra Two Wheelers Sales Report February 2015

Mahindra two wheelers limited (MTWL) is on the way to expand its market share in Two wheeler segment part of the USD16.5 billion Mahindra group, has released its sales numbers of February 2015, which stood at 8,591 units. The company’s domestic sales were 8,289 units during the month, while exports were 302 units. With the launch of GUSTO, company is expecting increase of sales for the coming quarter. Deal being completed between Mahindra and French manufacturer Peugeot, Mahindra getting a stake of 51% in Peugeot helps Mahindra to come up more technological equipped vehicles. Mahindra group eyeing sizable share of scooter market in Northeast India. Northeast India accounts for 14-15% share of the Northeastern market.

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