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13,200 Units Sold By Mahindra Two Wheelers In January 2015

Mahindra Gusto Scooter

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. (MTWL), the scooter and motorcycle division of the Mahindra Group announced that 13,022 units were sold collectively in the month of January 2015. Mahindra managed to sell 12,217 units in the domestic market whereas it exported 805 units in the first month of this year.

Mahindra Two Wheelers offers Gusto, Rodeo UZO 125, Rodeo RZ, Duro DZ, Flyte and Kine models in scooters and Centuro, Centuro Rockstar and Pantero models in motorcycles. Mahindra is expected to launch the much awaited motorcycle Mojo soon this year.

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