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Customize Your Bike & Sponsor A Girl Child's Education With The Same Amount

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation

Want to customize your ride? Or want to buy a complete customized ride? There’s no shortage of custom houses in India who pimp you ride as per your taste. Right from the famed & expensive Vardenchi to your cheap local motorcycle mechanic workshop, there are several places you can go to have your ride designed the way you want it.

But how about sponsoring a girl child’s education and get your bike customized at the same cost? Seems a little impossible? At first thought yes but “Moghuls Motorcycle Co” in association with “Azyshaa Foundation” makes this possible. We interviewed them to find out who they are, what they do and how they do it.

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation
Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation

The Concept

At Moghuls Motorcycle Co (Kandivli, Mumbai) if you customize your bike worth Rs. 25,000/- you actually pay for one girl child’s education and that’s not all if you sponsor 20 girl child’s education you get a fully hand-crafted custom bike powered by Royal Enfield engine worth Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs (the orange custom bike in these photos or as per your own design)

How they do it?

Mr. Vasim Shaikh & Mr. Sushil Surve, two friends and die-hard bike riders, are the founders of Moghul Motorcycle Co. Sushil is a highly qualified automobile engineer and has vast experience in the Automobile industry working with some big names such as Bajaj Auto, BMW, Ford, Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki. Sushil heads the motorcycle customization workshop and also trains students in vocational courses in automobile engineering and custom bike designing. Vasim along with his wife founded the Azyshaa Foundation, named after their daughter, which is an NGO dedicated for girl child development.

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation
Mr. Vasim Shaikh (center) and Mr. Sushil Surve (right)
The two of them came up with a unique concept of gathering funds for educating under-privileged girl children by providing bike customization services in return for the money that you will pay for the customization.

The custom bike “#HappinessForLife” 

The #HappinessForLife is a custom bike made by Moghuls Motorcycle Co for Azyshaa Foundation to support girl child education. It is based on Royal Enfield ThunderBird 350 cc 2008 AVL. The entire customization cost is 2.8 Lakhs excluding the cost of the Royal Enfield bike on which it is based on and took only 40 days to customize it.

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation

All custom parts used are made up of metal and handcrafted including the headlight assembly. The fuel tank is 18-piece handcrafted and welded wit capacity of 22 litres. It has sport-styled rear cowl for seats with the battery placed inside the cowl. The headlight is made up of LED projectors with day time running lights and even the tail-light is LED. The bike has Belt-drive mechanism instead of the normal chain-driven and has 140 sports profile tyre at the front. The front has inverted fork suspensions and the side swing arm is handcrafted for the 200 low profile tyre on an 18 inch wheel.

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation

What’s in it for you?

If you customize your bike through them you not only pay for the customization but you sponsor somebody’s future. Isn’t it a great feeling to light up someone’s life, be the ray of hope, a messiah? Go ahead and bring a change to your life by customizing your ride and power someone’s life at the same time!

Moghuls Motorcycle Co and Azyshaa Foundation

Contact them at

Mr. Vasim Shaikh  +91 9320 378 866

Mr. Sushil Surve  +91  8082 104 563

Azyshaa Foundation (www.facebook.com/AzyshaaFoundation)

Azyshaa Foundation
 Moghuls Motorcycle Co


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