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If You Love Bike Riding You Must Go For It, We Live Once & We Must Live It Like There Is No Tomorrow | MTV Stuntmania Fame Vartika Pande

vartika pande interview motorzest

Hello riders, I am Vartika Pande also known as “Softy” in the biking world as well as in my family. I have completed diploma course in Animation (Graphic Designing) and currently I am working with Let's Talk - A spoken English academy as an Asst. Manager, Counselor and Trainer. Apart from riding bikes I love watching movies, hanging out with my friends, you can mostly find me in cafes having sip of Green tea or Irish coffee.

Bike riding for me

Bike riding for me means passion, life, hobby and everything to me, and only because of my riding passion I am also known as Softy all over India. I have ridden many bikes to name few, Pulsar, Karizma, Apache, KTM Duke 200 , Impulse and many more. But the one which I love the most are Triumph bikes, the Street Triple 675cc and Bonneville A3 865cc. The main things that I look out for in a motorcycle are engine capacity, tyres, ground clearance, and ride comfort.

The most thrilling experience I had was the ride to Ladakh. To reach Khardung La - the highest motorable road was my dream since 4-5 years and the day I achieved it was the best day of my life. The journey was not all easy, but I did that on RE 500cc classic and that was the first time in my life I ever rode a Royal Enfield.

vartika pande interview motorzest

The Bikerni

I am proud member of The Bikerni - An Association Female Bikers of India. It is a female bike riding club and we have members from all over India and every state chapter meet at least twice a week for ride or just general get together. Our main focus is about Women Empowerment in India.

Feminine Power

Our society has the view that scooters are for women and the big bikes for men only. I totally disagree with it. We have many girl bikers that ride big bikes. And girls who are yet to come out and live there passion is only because of our society's mentality. And that is the only reason women generally are pulled back to achieve their dreams. We have society filled with all types of people around. People poke fun and pass comments but fortunately in my case I have got loads of appreciation than criticism.

vartika pande interview motorzest

I always tell our upcoming sisters our shining stars that if you love bike riding you must go for it, we live once, and we must live it like there is no tomorrow. Whatever we have to do is in this life only. And whatever support they need, (this is for all the young women, old women, housewives, working ladies, etc) we are there for you. Ride Hard! Ride Safe!

vartika pande interview motorzest


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