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Intel Interns Develop Smart Helmet With Life Saving Features

5 undergraduate interns at Oregon State University, USA and Intel have developed a prototype of Smart Helmet for cyclists which has the potential to save the life of the rider in case of accident.

What is it?

Normally a simple cycle helmet just offers basic protection to the head in case of an accident or a crash. But this smart helmet designed by this group of students mentored by an Indian origin employee at Intel, Abhay Dharmadhikari, can detect a crash or an accident to the cyclist and communicate this crash instantly to the emergency contacts fed in it. An innovative life saving product from these young aspirants.

How it works?

This smart helmet is connected to a smartphone and has inbuilt sensors and accelerometer to detect crash. Once crash is detected, the communication system inbuilt in the helmet dials a preset emergency contact. The helmet is equipped with a microphone and over the ears speakers for communication.

See it

Below is the video sourced from the IntelFressPress Youtube Channel

Source : www.intelfreepress.com

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