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Now Pay Green Tax For Vehicles More Than 15 Years Old

To reduce the pollution levels in the state, Uttar Pradesh state government has made Green Tax mandatory. This Green Tax is applicable to all vehicles which are more than 15 years old. The UP Motor Vehicles Act will be amended as the UP cabinet has given a go ahead on Green Tax.

It is important to note that the tax will be applicable for vehicles more than 15 years old counted from the date of their manufacturing. Such vehicles will be registered again and Green Tax will be applicable henceforth on these vehicles. Owners of passenger vehicles eligible for Green Tax will have to pay 10% of tax due on the day of renewal.

The Green Tax which aims at reducing the pollution levels  and discouraging  use of old vehicles will have more impact on commercial vehicle segment more than the passenger vehicle segment. Transport sector will take a hit as many of the commercial vehicles in Uttar Pradesh have crossed the 15 year mark. It is also a point to note that the public transport sector is also likely to take a financial hit due to this new tax.

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