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'Stay-Kool' - An Alternative To Banned Tinted Windows

As we all know that the Supreme Court had put a ban on tinted window films for cars in April 2012, all of us have been bearing the scorching summer heat till now. But now we have a new Japanese Technology that will relieve us from this killer heat and protect our skin from harmful cancer-causing UV rays.

Named 'Stay-Kool' is a colourless transparent paint that can be sprayed on the car windows. It claims to be 50% cheaper than premium solar films and does the job of not only reducing the cabin heat, saving petrol which will be used by the AC but also protecting the passenger's skin from harmful rays from the sun.

The VLT (Visible Light Transmitted) limit set by the Supreme Court is minimum 70%. If you apply a solar film whose VLT rating is between 30%-50%, you violate the law. But if you spray Stay-Kool on your windows the VLT is around 85%, well within the limits of the law. The product also claims to have no-glare and no-condensation.

The company claims that the whole process takes 30-min to apply & dry at their service centres and the coating would last 10 years and at zero-maintenance. The coating cuts 90% of the UV, SPF-500 and cuts 70% of IR (infrared rays). The thickness of this coating is 2-microns which is way thin than 150-microns thickness of regular sun film.

Mr Ash Roy, Managing Director, Stay-Kool Supply Chain Pvt Ltd says, “Stay-Kool was invented in Japan and is being launched globally this year, in all the counties, along with India. It will also be exhibited in the Indian Automobile Expo 2014.”

The National Art Center in Tokyo is one of the most expensive glass structures in the world – each of its 4700 sqm glass panels is custom made.  The museum requires abundant natural sunlight, but needs a cool interior.  In January 2011, over a 2‐week period the glass panels were cleaned and applied with STAY‐KOOL technology from inside. The energy savings is about 25% in summer months according to the company.


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