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VW's horrible After Sales Service - Dreadful Diwali experience for Polo owner

We came across a guy from north India who had a horrible experience with service and assistance from VW when he faced a stalled Polo en route Bangalore from Delhi. We think this is very important information provided by this fellow and if you don't want the same to happen with you, you should go through the experiences that he has mentioned in his blog.

We do not advocate that Polo or any other VW car has a very bad after sales service. The Polo and the other VW models are very reliable and proven cars. But lightning can strike on anyone unexpectedly and wreck havoc as with the case with this fellow. It is just one of those bad experiences that people face when the delearship and service network and communication is not very well developed in rural parts of this country. One should look at it as a lesson to avoid such things to happen with you.

Some excerpts from the blog :

"Don't let this Diwali be a dreadful experience. For people who have a notion that German engineering is the only aspect to consider while buying a Volkswagen car, think again!

My car proved to be a toy within three months, encountering constant problems and pathetic after sales experience. And I'm not the only one here. The internet is filled with cases where people had similar experiences. In my case, a small bump on the road and some minor manufacturing defects led to a small bill of Rs. 4,00,000 not covered under warranty or insurance for a car costing Rs. 5,98,000 and that's for replacing the complete engine in 3 months (no body defects)......... "

Read the entire experience on this blog :

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