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2014 Hero Karizma ZMR and Karizma R Specs "REVEALED"

We'll all been waiting for the specifications for the 2014 Karizma Line-up (ZMR & R) and here we have them. Fingers were crossed of the Karizma fans that expected not just cosmetic updates but some real technical upgrades to both these 223cc beasts. Glad that Hero Moto Corp didn't disappoint them.

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Although the capacity of the engine remains the same at 223cc, the power has increased to 20bhp, an increase of 2.4bhp over the previous karizma enigne which had only 17.6bhp at its disposal. The torque has been upped form 18.35Nm@6000rmp to 19.7Nm@6500rmp

Specs vis-a-vis Pulsar220

With this new upgrade the Karizma R comes neck and neck to the P220. It falls short on horsepower by mere 1.05bhp to Pulsar's 21.05bhp but races ahead in torque. The Karizmas have 19.7Nm@6500rmp compared to Pulsar's 19.1Nm@7000rpm

Still a generation behind others

Although the new specs are at par with the P220F, they are way behind those of the P200NS or DUKE 200. Both these bikes have 23.5bhp and 25bhp respectively with lesser capacity engines. The P220F is an old horse, albeit still running strong, but we expected the new generation Karizmas to compete with the likes of P200NS or the DUKE200. Thus the new Karizma leaves a lot to be desired. The pricing will play a key part in the success of these new 2014 variants. We will update you with the prices as soon as they are available.

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Till then enjoy some more ZMR & R pics !!

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