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How pre-owned luxury cars are molding utility and luxury under a single roof

Vehicles have always been at the forefront of harnessing the new age technologies conducive to the
relevant time. It has come a long way from being just a mode of transportation to flaunting its high-end features coupled with competitive performance at the present age. There was a time when customers
purchased cars as a means to commute. But with cars undergoing a transformation with each upcoming technology, today there is an incessant market for luxury cars.

In this segment, pre-owned luxury cars are scripting phenomenal performance in the automobile industry showing great value for money coupled with ultimate opulence. It is wooing the customers with the ability to provide both utility and luxury under the same roof. Breaking the common misconceptions that luxury cars come at the cost of sacrificing value or practicality, the pre-owned luxury car segment offers plenty of options with a perfect blend of fuel economy and cargo space. It comes in all sizes and shapes to meet the different requirements of the consumer from small and sleek options like Jaguar F-Type sports  car to roomy sedans like Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Pre-owned luxury cars are gaining popularity for their value for money. The emerging millennial class as the potential consumer base aspire to own a luxury car. But at the same time, they are practical enough to not disturb their financial stability. As a new luxury car would cost them a fortune, a pre-owned luxury car helps them to upgrade to a premium car without having to compromise on their budget. Moreover, it is a fair bargain where they get an almost new luxury car backed up with comfort, advanced technology, and unrivaled performance that too at the cost of a new economical car.

It brings about the perfect confluence of all the standard features with the unique amenities powering the next-level driving experience. Where it boasts leather upholstery, high-tech navigation, a premium audio system, etc. it can elevate the magnificence to a lounge-like cabin, the champagne fridge located in the rear console, and many more. Luxury cars constantly innovate and add a new twist to even the basic requirements of the car. 

Elucidating the point, one can take the example of safety features that are of utmost importance. Luxury cars integrate state-of-art technology with safety features. Here features like, 6/7 airbags, hill-hold assist, ABS with EBS, etc are all part of the standard fitment. But cars are backed up with automatic and advanced sensors that aid in adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning along with GPS tracking anti-theft features, and a 360-degree camera facility. All the
properties together alert the drivers about the possibility of an accident ahead.

Luxury cars smartly mold utility with luxury to give the customers an unrivaled experience. Where on
one hand, it gives relevant driving information with the help of navigation tools, one can easily command the car to switch on the engine and AC remotely by connecting with the smartphone. It can also keep the customer updated with the tyre pressure and fuel level at the convenience of just a finger click. In this league to always innovate, the luxury cars today are interplaying with majestic appearance while not compromising on lightness and agility by harnessing the benefits of puristic design with aesthetic styling. 

Along with this, the considerable focus on interior spaciousness offers a comprehensive mix of
exclusivity, functionality, and freedom that echoes incomparable comfort. As the utility of cars have evolved with time, manufacturers are sculpting luxury vehicles with high- quality products made up of premium elements. The pre-owned luxury car players take this opportunity to offer premium styling and features with powerful engines and enhanced driving performance at an affordable price range. With the help of powerful innovations, the segment is unleashing new experiences of driving pleasure while not losing out on the utility parameter.
Authored Article - by Mr. Sumit Garg, co-founder & MD, Luxury Ride

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