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WardWizard Launches New High-speed E-scooters In India


WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd – a leading manufacturer of electric two-wheeler brand ‘Joy e-bike’ – launched two new ‘Made-in-India’ high-speed scooters, Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+ and a fleet management electric scooter Del Go.

The three scooters earmark the entry of Joy e-bike into the high-speed electric scooter segment. Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+ and Del Go are designed and developed by the R&D team with a focus to promote localization and the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative. The production of the scooters will take at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Wolf+ E-scooter

Del Go E-scooter


On EV prospects and company’s vision, Mr Yatin Gupte, Chairman & Managing Director, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd, said, “We are one of the first few manufacturers to focus on the next-generation mobility solutions and usher in the era of sustainable mobility with the concept of Feasibility, Availability and Responsibility. As the Government is supporting the transition to e-mobility with various incentives and subsidies, we are also committed to strengthen and boost the potential of the industry with the cutting-edge technology and a world-class range of products. In this year, we are focussing on expanding our portfolio, network and diversify into new segments. We shall continue to invest on R&D and creating holistic e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate its growth and adoption of green mobility in the country.”


All three products are designed and equipped with the modern and customer-friendly features along with the durability as one of the key features.


Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operations Officer, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd, said, “Joy e-bike has already proven its strength in the low-speed segment and now the company is focussing to expand its portfolio in the high-speed segment which is attracting all age-groups and especially the next-gen commuters. We are also entering the new fleet management vertical with Del Go. We understand the need of our customers and so, the new products- Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+ and Del Go exhibit our efforts to excite the customers with leading technology, efficiency and comfort. We shall be striving further to enhance our portfolio with more products in this year."


The booking for all the three scooters will commence across all the company’s dealerships from February 11, 2022. All three scooters will come with the comprehensive warranty of 3 years.


Key Features

  • SMART CONNECTIVITY: ‘Joy E- connect app’ is a one-tap control for Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+. Connect and control the scooter via Bluetooth.
  • REMOTE APPLICATIONS: Both the scooters can be tracked and the Battery status can also be checked remotely.
  • DRIVING MODES: Both scooters come with three drive modes i.e. Eco, Sports and Hyper. It is done to enhance the practicality of the scooters.
  • REVERSE MODE: This allows you to move the scooter backwards for ease in getting out of tight parking spots
  • GPS ENABLED: GPS sensing, real-time position and geo-fencing are amongst many other features present on the scooters.
  • ANTITHEFT: The Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+ sense vibrations when left parked and can understand if it’s being tampered with. They also come with smart remote control which locks the scooter when tampering happens.
  • REGENERATIVE BRAKING: Both the scooters come with the regenerative braking system to enhance the range of the vehicle by recharging the battery every time the brake lever is pulled.


PERFORMANCE AND BATTERY: BLDC motors pack an instant punch to provide the best in category torque, combined with three speed controller to enhance the practicality of the scooters.

The battery is at the heart of an electric vehicle. To pull out the required performance an advanced NMC battery is in place. NMCs high energy density and longer life cycles make them a perfect choice for Indian market.

  • They host a 1500W motor, torque of 20 Nm, Top Speed of 55 kmph.
  • While Hyper mode gives an adrenaline, Sport mode is suited for zapping around city, Eco mode to give enhanced range on longer routes.
  • Seeking the safety of the user, the twin disc brakes are incorporated with an electronic braking system to stop the vehicle in lowest distance possible.
  • Battery is rated as 60V35Ah for both the scooters.
  • Portable Battery – Pull Out and Charge anywhere.
  • One charging cycle completes in 4 to 5 hours.
  • 100km* range per charge.


*All the prices shown here are after FAME II subsidy and before state subsidies. Excludes GST, RTO, Insurance and all other costs

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