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goEgoNetwork expands its market in Goa


In light of responsible and sustainable means of transportation making a mainstay among the masses globally, electric vehicles have turned to be the modern-day disruptor in easing environmental detriments and proving to be cost-effective in the long run. However, the EV charging infrastructure to date remains nascent in key markets including India. Revolutionizing this space, goEgoNetwork – a homegrown EV charging solutions provider has been on a war-footing in making the EV charging experience seamless throughout the country. Having flourished in the Pune market by installing a robust network of EV charging equipment in housing societies and public places like parking lots, malls, and workplaces, the company is poised to pave its way into the Goa market.

Goa has been encouraging electric mobility quite aggressively. Testimony of the same is the Electricity Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 flagged off by the chief minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod Sawant. Encouraging and promoting the usage of electric vehicles, in the words of Mr. Sawant  the policy’s objective is to promote the usage of battery-driven vehicles in the state by incentivizing the process of adoption of EVs.

Interestingly, subsidizing two, three, and four-wheeler electric vehicles, Mr. Sawant noted that the state will subsidize two-wheelers by 30% and 40% for three-wheelers. The four-wheeler EVs will receive a subsidy of up to ₹3 lakhs. Encouraging the adoption furthermore, Mr. Sawant informed that the state will set up charging infrastructures every 25 km on highways, and will also set up charging stations on shorter distances in the city.

Recently, goEgoNetwork participated in the Goa Renewable Energy Conference 2021, the expo graced the presence of the who's who of the e-mobility industry. Witnessing movers and shakers of the industry, goEgoNetwork's outpost at the conference saw several EV charging service providers in the state, potentially looking to partner to make the EV charging infrastructure in Goa streamlined. Following the meaningful deliberations exchanged with them, goEgoNetwork is optmistic to transform Goa's e-mobility market strategically.

Knowing the potential that Goa possesses in readily adopting EVs as the main means of mobility, Dheeman Kadam, CMO and Co-founder, goEgoNetwork, said, “Goa, the highly sought-after travel destination attracting both domestic and international travellers, is well on track of electrifying the mobility across the state. The recent EV mobility policy subsidising both Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure will furthermore promote adoption by the end users.”

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