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Hyundai i20 All New Teaser Pics - Looks Stunning!

Hyundai All New i20 2021 India - MotorZest 2

Hyundai India today unveiled the first design sketches of the all-new i20, the quintessential derivation of Hyundai’s Global Design Language - ‘Sensuous Sportiness’.

Deriving its futuristic and dynamic characteristics from ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, the all-new i20 brings harmony between four fundamental elements: 
  • Proportion
  • Architecture
  • Styling
  • Technology
The all-new i20 is designed to evoke an emotional Human - Machine interface representing the persona of Modern Tech Savvy, Ambitious & Sophisticated customers. Set to recreate benchmarks of the premium hatchback segment, the all-new i20 showcases an energetic new avatar and a serene ambience on the inside.

Hyundai All New i20 2021 India - MotorZest 1

Hyundai All New i20 2021 India - MotorZest 3

Hyundai All New i20 2021 India - MotorZest 2

The Robust Superstructure -
  • Featuring an extensive application of 66 % Advanced & High-Strength Steel, Hyundai has created a Robust Superstructure to enhance crash worthiness and make the car lighter
  • This super structure is created, using 5,400 Tons Stamping at the Press Shop 
  • Incorporating an Online Condition Monitoring systems to monitor machine vibration, Hyundai offers enhanced process quality, changing shapes of metal in elegant curves & creases
  • The use of advanced Digital gauge to check the Panel thinning distribution - Crack, Neck Prediction methodology that helps in manufacturing ZERO Crack panels
  • Hyundai has used ‘High quality grade coils’ for sculpturing aesthetics and modern look of the all-new i20
  • Use of 3D scanning of Parts – to analyse and strengthen the press panel parts accuracy and precision
Stay tuned for more updates on the New Hyundai i20 !

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