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South Africa based company RECOVERI, launches an anti-theft product in India

South Africa based Recoveri, manufacturer and exporter of micro tag identification and trace solutions for vehicles and other movable domestic and corporate assets worldwide is entering India with it’s Microdot technology , a form of vehicle marking and powerful theft deterrent.
MicroDot technology is a form of Whole of Vehicle Marking. It involves spraying thousands of the small dots laser etched with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) number, linked to the Vehicle VIN Number, are sprayed throughout the vehicle. As the polymer dots are 1mm by 1mm it is impossible to locate and remove them all, so no matter how well it’s disguised, the car’s true identity can always be established. 
“The  technology is already used across the world as a way of identifying car engines and components. The microdot etched with a PIN number and other identification details, are printed onto a microdot, which is then attached to the engine or component. Microdots  contain an ultraviolet tracing agent that fluoresces under an ultraviolet or black light, allowing dots to be easily read with a magnifier, but are difficult to detect with the naked eye If the vehicle is stolen, the authorities can trace it quickly and effectively just by reading the information on the almost invisible dot without the need to resort to shining black lights or using complicated technological trickery. All they do need is a simple handheld UV Light and microscope.” Said Philip Opperman, CEO, Recoveri, The leading South African MicroDot solution company while launching the product in India.

"The company plans to set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in India to meet the Indian requirements  as well as  open a recoveri data center here linked with law enforcing  and insurance companies in India . The company willalso train police people in India with tracing  system " Mr Opperman said.
“Once an asset is microdotted, the unique DNA is enacted, proving undisputed ownership. Each tag is linked to the Recoveri International database. The dots enable police to find missing vehicles and to identify parts that have been mixed and matched in a “chop shop”. All Recoveri  micro dotted assets are logged onto a database and this information is used to track the rightful owner of an asset. With introduction of this technology car hijackers and thieves are in for hard times in future as Microdots are virtually impossible to remove which makes them one of the best vehicle security measures. Recoveri microdots can also be used on other assets also including laptops, mobiles, luggage, jewellery and expensive household items; the list is endless. They also help in making counterfeiting impossible” said Mr Opperman, himself an ex-policeman and detective.
“The dots are also non-invasive and, of course, pretty near invisible. The unique code they contain is linked to the vehicle and is stored on a secure database to which the security services alone have access. Police and other law enforcement agencies world-wide love microdots because the physical technology is low-tech (all you need is a microscope) and the dots themselves are as invisible as it is almost impossible to detect without a investigative kit. What's more, once the dot has been read on the stolen or lost goods, tracing the owner is as simple as reading a database.”, he added.
“Recoveri Dot is used to discretely label assets in such a way as to be able to identify and trace ownership. The micro tags are mixed into a solution that is detectable under UV black light. With up to 15,000 coded micro tags deployed across both covert and overt areas of an asset, Recoveri provides a level of identification that makes theft and the resale of stolen property unviable to criminals and syndicates. The tags are impossible to remove without damaging the item, making resale difficult.” he added
“Recoveri plans to set up authorised microdot fitment centres across India and they also come in small kits. Recoveri is also in talks with several car manufacturer’s in the country as the Indian government, through it’s highest automobile technical standard making body ‘Central motor Vehicle Rules -Technical Standard Committee (CMVR-TSC) set up by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has already framed  the standards for auto industry to use microdots
As per various reports annually about 2.14 lakh vehicles are stolen across the India with Delhi topping the list at 38,644 in 2016, which translates to over 100 vehicles daily, followed by UP (34,480) and Maharashtra (22,435). According to the latest Delhi Police report, during the year 2017  about 41,000 vehicles were stolen while the rate of recovery was around 30 vehicles a month.
Recoveri Micro tagging offers consumers and insurers affordable technology to identify and protect their assets against theft.

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