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Best Riding Gear in India For Long Distance Touring

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Packing for a motorcycle road trip?

Or are you just starting out and want to know about some long bike ride tips in India?

Well, you've come to the right place! We have for you, a handpicked list of the Best Motorcycle Riding Gear for long distance touring in India. We'll have you ready to conquer the Himalayas or thunder down the coastline by the time you're through with this list!

 Let's get started:

Bike Jacket

First of all- why do you even need a biking jacket in the first place?

 You probably won't realize right away, but biking for long distances takes a toll on the exposed parts of your body. The sun on your back, the wind in your hair, may feel great- until you realize you're sunburnt, or dehydrated(more on this later).

A good jacket will protect you from the wind, sun and rain. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it looks extremely sexy. Which brings us to our recommendation for the best riding jacket in India.

The Cascara Night Biker Jacket is especially suited for the hot Indian climate. It's got a waterproof, abrasive resistant fabric and also has a breathable mesh in the underarm and forearm areas for ventilation.

At the same time it provides protective armor padding for the shoulders, back and elbow. It doesn't have an inner thermal layer though. So be sure to wear something warm underneath in case you're riding in a cold weather.

Check it out at Amazon.

Biking Gloves

Same as the jacket, you really need biking gloves to protect your hands from wear and tear. Our recommendation - Pro Biker Riding Gloves will do just that for you and at an affordable price as well. They're heat and tear resistant, and provide full finger protection with padded finger linings. Not to mention, they look extremely fashionable along with the Jacket!

 Take a look on Amazon.

Bike Helmet

You're going to love this one.

The Vega Offroad helmet looks gorgeous, and offers you a ton of practicality as well. It's got built in goggles to protect from the sun, airflow vents to provide an escape route for the heat and humidity and a detachable, washable interior to top it all off. And did we mention it looks like a million bucks?

Check it out on Amazon.

Hydration Bag

Frequently stopping and taking water breaks on a long journey, no matter how necessary isn't always possible. More often than not, you might end up dehydrated by the team you do stop.

Here's the problem with that:

You may end up getting into an accident by choosing to drive dehydrated. Recent research points to the fact that the brain doesn't act at it's peak when dehydrated- affecting a person's motor functions and reaction times. You can read more about that here

Sound serious enough now?

Good for us though, there's a simple solution. 

Get a hydration bag. Such as the Trek 'n' Ride Hydration Bag we're recommending.

You simply fill it with water(It has a whopping 2 L capacity) and sling it onto your back while you're riding. The bag contains a bladder to store the water and has a sipper attached that extends till the strap on your shoulder. You can easily drive and take a sip whenever you get thirsty. Not to mention, you can also store some important accessories in the bag along with the water, such as your wallet and phone.

Cool, isn't it?

Check out the product at Amazon.


That about sums up our recommendations for the best riding gear in India. If you found this post helpful, do go ahead and share it with your friends? It'd mean a lot to us. And remember, when in doubt, it's always a good time to take a bike trip!  

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