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Ford To Use Captured CO2 To Develop Foam And Plastics For Vehicles

Ford To Use Captured CO2 To Develop Foam And Plastics For Vehicles

The American automobile manufacturer has been working quite hard during the past few years in order to contribute to an eco-friendly environment. Recently, Ford has emerged as the first automotive brand in the world to use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the main ingredient and formulate foam and plastic components which could be used in their upcoming vehicles in order to lower the emissions produced.

This new mixture is made up of 50 percent CO2 based polymers and would be used by the company in seating and underhood applications. The use of captured carbon dioxide has several positive effects and the most crucial impact is that it would help reduce global warming which is a major worldwide concern nowadays. This new initiative would also reduce the use of petroleum and other fossil fuels in the upcoming Ford Vehicles. 

The new initiative will set a benchmark in the automobile industry and embark different company’s to also formulate new innovations in this field that would eventually lead to reduced vehicular emissions in the future.

Commenting on this newly formulated technology, Debbie Mielewski, Ford senior technical leader of sustainability said that,
This technology is exciting because it is contributing to solving a seemingly insurmountable problem – climate change. We are thrilled to be leading the charge toward reducing carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.

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  1. Technology is so vast today and readily available for everyone to fully utilize. Hence, we should maximize it to our own advantage especially when it can help us in environmental improvements such as this CO2 project with Ford. A good idea such as this needs to be put to good use and be examplary to other auto brands to follow suit.


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