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Ford Reveals, Consumers Exploring New Technologies for Getting Around

ford surveey results
The automotive world has been evolving since decades and consumers are the most vital part of this change bringing in different innovations with time and stunning the world with the presence of these technologies in the automobile world. Today, the transportation landscape of the past is colliding with radical technology innovations that may once again reshape how the world moves.

Ford, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturing company recently conducted an online survey in partnership with GlobalWebIndex, in which 12,619 consumers were surveyed across 12 markets that mostly included the Asia-Pacific region. The results revealed that technology is the new upcoming trend in the industry with people paving easier ways to plan their journeys via using modern day equipments.

The results depicted that one in four respondents of the survey use a ride-hailing app more than once a week to get around. Respondents in China and India were the most likely to use ride-hailing apps (both 28 percent). Car-sharing programs are also becoming more popular, with one in five respondents in the region saying their participation in shared-car platforms had increased from a year earlier. 

The survey showed that Indian respondents are embracing emerging transportation modes. Use of ride-hailing apps and car-sharing programs in India has grown rapidly: Both categories saw the largest usage increases out of all markets surveyed across Asia-Pacific. Of transportation modes that have become less popular, buses took the largest hit, with more than one in four respondents saying they take the bus less than they did a year earlier. Buses were followed by taxis (19 percent) and subway, tram or train (18 percent).

Ford’s response to this technologically advancing world is the Ford Smart Mobility system. The company plans to be a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience, and data analytics. Ford is undertaking research and development across the technology and transportation landscape, including in-car connectivity, flexible ownership models and car-sharing programs, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

In addition to all this the company also recently announced FordPass, a platform that re-imagines the relationship between automaker and consumer. FordPass is designed to give users access to mobility services through the FordPass Marketplace, this step will not only strengthen the customers bond with the company but would also help in the overall advancement of the industry and pave way for a technologically advanced automotive future.

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