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LeEco's LeSEE Breaks Cover Earlier Than Its Debut At Beijing Motor Show

leSEE LeEco

The LeSEE or "Super Electric Ecosystem" is an autonomous four door coupe concept that can be operated via your phone. It is connected to the company's upcoming automotive cloud platform, which has features like video streaming and independent music playback for each passenger tied up with app ecosystem.

Few things such as the platform, battery packs and electric motors have been developed jointly with Aston Martin and Faraday Future and the company filed 833 patents last year, ahead of its competitors like Apple and Google.

leSEE LeEco

LeEco envisions its LeSEE  to form a fleet of autonomous taxis in future. The car's front has display which shows various colors which indicate its availability and there are touch-screens behind the front seats which will take advantage of LeEco's rich video entertainment library. 

Add to that the car can also do face recognition, self learning and the back seats adapt to shape of the passenger. Now that's some serious tech to believe in thus we have to wait for the future to experience that in person.

leSEE LeEco

There are not much details available as yet apart from that it has the ability of wireless charging and a 130 mph top speed claim. It also claims that it will be better in range, top speed and 0-60 mph time than the Tesla model S. Stay tuned for more info as the car will be revealed fully at the Beijing Motor Show which starts on 25th April 2016.

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