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Mahindra Racing In Action At The Buddh International Circuit

M2Electro and MGP3O at Buddh International Circuit India

New Delhi, 10th February 2016: Mahindra is the only Indian manufacturing brand that takes part in the global motorsport championships like Formula E and MotoGP. Mahindra Racing demonstrated the incredible power and performance of its new M2Electro Formula E electric racing car, and new MGP30 racing motorcycle at the Buddh International Circuit today. These racing machines embody Mahindra’s growing technical expertise and increased commitment to racing which is helping to build recognition and admiration for the Mahindra brand globally. Both the M2Electro and MGP30 compete at the very highest level of international motorsport in the Formula E electric racing car championship, and MotoGP world motorcycle racing championship respectively. 

The M2Electro is developed by Mahindra Racing to compete in the second season of the Formula E championship. This made Mahindra one of the few  selected manufacturers that developed an all new electric powertrain for the racing series. The second generation Mahindra Racing car, the M2Electro is blisteringly fast with a 0-100 kms time of under 3 seconds. It has been designed with a priority on increased performance, energy efficiency and weight saving. 

The all new MGP30 racing motorcycle possesses a new engine, gearbox and aerodynamic packages which combine to offer greater performance in tune with a new double exhaust system developed by Arrow.  An impressive line-up of Frenchman Alexis Masbou (28) and Briton John McPhee (21) will contest the Moto3 World Championship on an MGP3O-derived Peugeot.

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