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Eicher Motors Launches Eicher Live, A Trucking Intelligence Service At The Autoexpo 2016

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a 50-50 joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, the company includes the complete range of Eicher branded trucks and buses. Recently at the Autoexpo 2016, Motor Show the company launched Eicher Live- an advanced Telematics solution for the commercial vehicle industry.
Either Live,is a smart trucking service that drives profitable fleet management, by monitoring their movement, fuel consumption and maintenance needs. Either Live is available as a company installed system in the EicherProSeries range of trucks and buses which include the EicherPro8000 and EicherPro6000. Either Live provides real time dashboard data analytics of the fleet, tracking the most important factors including fuel management and fault identification thus allowing customers to plan maintenance. Either Live's dynamic intelligence helps maximise productivity and profitability.  Eicher live includes features like Advance Breakdown Assistance, Dynamic Service Reminders and Pro-active Service. The major components of the telematics system are a hardware unit (Telematics Gateway), intelligent vehicle electronic module and a mobile sim card that connects to Eicher Live hub. 

In addition Eicher motors also showcased 7 new products at the Autoexpo 2016. These included the Eicher Pro 6037, a 37T haulage truck, the Eicher Skyline Pro School Bus, a hybrid school Bus developed, the Eicher Skyline AC sleeper coach with 28 passenger berth and the Eicher PRO series which included the Pro 8049 HD haulage truck, Pro 6025T HD tipper, Pro 3016 and Pro 1049 in the LMD segment. 

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