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Yamaha inaugurates 4,000 KW solar power plant at Surajpur unit

Solar power plant inaugration, Surajpur
Solar power plant inaugration, Surajpur
Japanese two-wheeler major Yamaha has inaugurated a 4,000 KW solar power project at its facility in Surajpur, Uttar Pradesh.The company's country arm India Yamaha Motor (IYM) had partnered with solar service provider Amplus Solar for installation, operation and maintenance of the project, the installation of which will be completed by April this year.

The project was inaugurated by Mr. Hiroaki Fujita, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India Group Companies and Mr. Takashi Terabayashi, Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. Inaugurating the project, Mr. Fujita said, “With this initiative, Yamaha has led the way towards Green Manufacturing and demonstrated the much needed balance between economy and nature. We have always believed in investing in environment friendly technologies. This project reinstates our commitment towards the objective of energy conservation and support the country’s Green India Mission.”

A lot of multinational corporations are turning green, this is a actually a good thing. Considering the long term benefits that will come out by going green is pretty substantial. Solar power cells are very environment friendly. They burn no fuel and have absolutely no moving parts which makes them virtually maintenance free, clean, and silent. The 4000 KW Solar Power Plant will cut carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 138,000 Metric Tons and save approximately 10,20,000 barrels of Crude Oil annually.


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