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Gulf Oil Launches 'Ultrasynth X' For Mid-Sized Passenger Cars

Gulf Oil Launches 'Ultrasynth X' For Mid-Sized Passenger Cars

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (GOLIL), one of India's leading and fastest growing lubricant brands, has launched new entry level synthetic engine oil in the passenger car segment, Gulf Ultrasynth X. This lubricant is most suitable for new generation cars in the compact mid-size to premium mid-size categories & adheres to the recommendation of most car manufacturers for this category, largest being those with K-series engines used in Maruti cars i.e. Alto, Swift & also for cars like Etios, Accent, etc.

With a viscosity grade of 5W-30, this multi-grade engine oil is suitable for varying temperature conditions throughout the year. It is apt for petrol, diesel, CNG & LPG cars carrying the specifications of API SN / CF & ILSAC GF-5, signifying its adherence to the latest certification of various lubricant associations.

Formulated with special engine detoxifiers in premium base oils, Gulf Ultrasynth X 5W-30 has been engineered to excel in varying conditions to protect the engine from harmful carbon deposits. Under the present-day conditions, cars are being used for both in-city and highway driving, posing different challenges for the engine, hence the need for a specialized lubricant.

Impurities in the form of 'cold running deposits' formed during city driving and 'hot running deposits' formed during high speed driving conditions are arrested by these  superior detoxifiers, thereby keeping the engine parts clean. The detoxed engine is hence more responsive resulting in a 'smoother driving experience' for the consumers.

Gulf Oil also launched their new international pack design on this occasion. The new pack design is inspired by the proud and long heritage of Gulf's association with Motorsports, most famous being the World Endurance Championships at Le Mans- 24 hours. Gulf has leveraged the rich experience of developing products suitable for such extreme conditions to formulate superior products for road-going cars.

Speaking on the occasion of launch, which was done by the Company's Brand Ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni in New Delhi along with Mr. Ravi Chawla, MD, GOLIL said, “Gulf's long & extremely successful global association with motorsports has been leveraged to create Gulf Ultrasynth X especially suited for Indian driving conditions along with a world class pack inspired by race track & Chequered flag. It's the first of new products from our international range being launched in India to enable car consumers enjoy an 'Ultra Smooth Drive Experience'. This product launch is also in keeping with our strategy to increase our market share in the growing passenger car segment.”

He further added, “Customers for all car segments, including luxury can choose from a better and wider range of Gulf products. The new 'Formula G' range of fully synthetic lubricants is created to deliver 'top, sustained performance' for the top end and luxury cars. Formula G’s unique synthetic formulation has enabled it to be priced in such a way that it's an attractive offering for consumers, mechanics as well as the trade.”

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