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5 Short Films Celebrating The Small but Mighty Ford Ecoboost Engine

Ford EcoSport 2015

Ford Motor Company presents a series of entertaining short films that celebrate the theme of Small but Mighty. The shorts, created by five emerging filmmakers from around the world, celebrate small acts and ideas that pack a mighty punch. The theme of Small but Mighty is inspired by Ford’s range of EcoBoost engines.
In the recent years, Ford’s EcoBoost lineup has received accolades from around the globe. This is company’s latest range of turbocharged petrol engines, which in simple words are small in size, more efficient and unquestionable when it comes to performance. Talking about the range through, in India, we have only one EcoBoost engine to sample which is 1.0-liter 3-cylinder motor that powers the EcoSport. For a better perspective, this A4-sheet sized engine churns out an impressive amount of power, 122 PS, besides having International engine of the year award in its kitty.
Since 2009, Ford has built over 5 million EcoBoost engines and by the end of 2015 over twenty Ford models will become EcoBoost-powered in the Asia Pacific region alone.
 Watch the short films added below.

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