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Letv To Develop Electric Vehicles With Aston Martin With Plans To Launch In India

Letv Smart Electric Vehicle Aston Martin
Letc's Smart Electric Vehicle Teaser Image

Headquarter in Beijing and listed in China, 11 years old Letv company has partnered with British automobile major Aston Martin to develop next generation smart electric vehicles. Letv is a mutli-national company with wide range of product portfolio which includes smart phones, smart TVs, electric vehicles, movies, TV shows and sports events.

According to the Chinese media, the first model that Letv is developing is a racing car and is expected to be in production from April 2016. It will measure 3,465 x 1,625 x 1,530 in length, width and height and will come in two variants - a high powered and a low powered.

The vehicle will equip Letv's intelligent internet-based LeUI system with a 9in touch screen, and can interact with Letv's other smart terminals. For example, Letv's smart phones can control the vehicle and the vehicle can have a seamless interaction with Letv's other eco-products.

According to media reports, Letv is working with Aston Martin and BAIC Motor Corporation in developing its first electric vehicle which will debut at the Auto China 2016 - the largest auto exhibition in China which will be held from 21st - 29th April 2016

With an interest in the Indian market, Mr. Jia Yueting, announced on its microblog account that Letv will make electric vehicles, and the project is called SEE (Super Electric Eco-system).
"The SEE Project will duplicate Letv's complete vertically-integrated ecosystem and redefine the automobiles industry. We try to make the best internet and smart electric vehicles and build an internet-based vehicle eco-system," said Jia's microblog.

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