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Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015 Returns To Kari Motor Speedway

VW Vento Cup 2015

Following an eventful First Round, JK Tyre Volkswagen Vento Cup is back with Round 2 at the Kari Motor Speedway from Today.The 2.1 km Kari Motor Speedway will be buzzing with high octane Motorsport action.Reigning Champions and contenders will be participating across 3 categories of the championship- JK Racing India Series, Formula LGB 4 and Volkswagen Vento Cup.

While Round 1 witnessed some amazing performances by 2010 Polo Cup champion Sailesh Bolisetti, Karminder Pal Singh and Anindith Reddy, it is Karminder who currently tops the championship table with 100 Points followed by Anindith (96) and Sailesh (90).

JK Tyre Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015-Championship Table after Round 1:

Sr. No.CompetitorsRace 1Race 2Round 1Total Points
1Karminder Singh4060100100
2Anindith Reddy Konda48489696
3Sailesh Bolisetti60309090
4Sahil Gahuri28406868
5Sidharth Balasundaram30326262
6Ishaan Dodhiwala34286262
7Vigneshvar Devarajan26346060
8Raghav Sharma32265858
9Amit Mete24244848
10Pratik Sonawane22204242
11Rithvik Thomas18224040
12Amit Patil1482222
13Amit Kokate8142222
14Harkishan Wadia2002020
15Prabhanj Paruchuri4162020
16Pradeep Rao Vaidyam0181818
17Ria Dabas6121818
18Paarth Wadia1601616
19Chewang Lama1201212
20Rajeev Srivastava2101212
21Neha Dabas1001010

"I am very happy to see close competition at the top of the championship table already after the first round.This lays a good foundation for racing going into the second round," Volkswagen Sports India head, Sirish Vissa said.

"Even the young rookie drivers are adjusting quickly to the world of racing with such a steep learning curve. Now that the drivers have got a good feel of the race cars over an entirely competent weekend, it will be interesting to see how far the drivers will take their aggression in Round 2".

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