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Mahindra Racing Moves its Headquarters to Italy for further Growth and Excellence

Mahindra Racing, the lone Indian constructor in the MotoGP World Championship series, took a forward step by en-routing for growth and development not only inside but also beyond racing by moving to its new headquarters in the northern Italy.

The new state-of-the-art engineering and development facility is at Varese, in the heart of the Lombardy region, and at the core of much of Italy’s long and glorious history in motorcycle racing and production.

According to Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, “This new centre in Italy joins Mahindra’s neural network of innovation along with other development centres in India, the US and South Korea. We decided to set up this centre in Italy given the country’s passion for, and expertise in motorcycle development. It also demonstrates our growing commitment to the MotoGP championship.”

The facility incorporates computer-aided design and engineering (CAD &CAE), as well as FMEA (Failure Modes Effect Analysis) studies. High-tech test and quality-control laboratories combine with cutting-edge prototyping manufacturing processes; and a well-equipped warehouse to ensure spare-parts availability for customers. It is staffed by personnel drawn from some of the best motorcycle companies in Italy, with experience ranging from racing both on- and off-road, as well as production.

Mahindra Racing entered the World Championship series in 2011, and has grown steadily in results and in importance to become one of the cornerstones of the highly competitive Moto3 class. Up against well-established racing constructors Honda and KTM, the Indian brand has gone from just two factory-backed riders to support nine riders in four teams in 2015; and from learner-racers to regular contenders for top podium positions.

The growth in 2015 went hand in glove with the move last September from a base in Switzerland to the new Varese facility, where the latest version of the jewel-like MGP3O was extensively redesigned and upgraded in line with the latest technical regulations for the smallest grand prix class.

Mahindra Racing CEO Mufaddal Choonia explains the reason for the choice of location, an area with a strong racing culture and an abundance of high-quality design and engineering talent. The Varese facility is close several leading Italian motorcycle manufacturers. It is a hotbed of motorcycling heritage and renown.

“By locating in Varese, Mahindra is able to take advantage of a big talent pool of experience and excellence, with a special focus on motorcycles and a wonderful motorcycle racing history. Furthermore, the Lombardy region in the north of Italy is convenient for the rest of Europe, giving us access to a network of suppliers,” said Choonia.

 “It is also important that the local government has been very supportive of our move to the region. Since our entry into the championship series, Mahindra Racing has become a significant player and ever more successful. This move and the investment in the facilities shows our increased commitment to the sport,” the CEO continued.

“By taking development entirely into our own hands, we can make faster progress and have quicker reactions to our customers’ needs. At the same time, we are developing technologies that can be transferred to our growing range of production two-wheelers. With engineering development anchored at Varese, it will help us to grow our overall business.”

Nine riders campaign the Mahindra MGP3O in the 2015 Moto3 championship, led by the three-strong Mapfre Team Mahindra. San Carlo Team Italia, Outox Reset Drink Team and the CIP team field two riders apiece. Mahindra Racing is part of the US $16.9-billion Mahindra Group, based in India, and operating in 18 industries ranging from two-wheelers to aerospace, and employing more than 200,000 people in 100 countries world-wide.

The new centre strengthens the group’s presence in Europe, playing an important role in the aspiration to emerge among the “Top 50 Most Admired Brands” by 2021.

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