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Launch of ATV's and Quad bikes by Avigna Motors in Karnataka

Bangalore headquartered Avigna Motor Sports (AMS) today announced all India  launch of its All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Quads showroom in the city. Feature a wide range of ATVs including those meant for Motor Sport Racing, Electric Golf Carts, Amphibious Watercrafts, and Agricultural Vehicles and supported with one of the largest assortment of AMS gears for motorsport enthusiasts. Besides, it is investing on a six kilometre  dirt track for enthusiasts in Hennur. Mr. Anupam Deb, Founder and CEO, Avigna Motor Sports, India said, “With a sharp focus on tier 1 and tier 2 markets in India, Avigna Motor Sports India has steadily strengthened its position as the preferred ATV & Quad bike manufacturer.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are called by many names such as quad bike, four wheeler, or off-road vehicle. It is defined as a cross breed between a mini car and a motorcycle. As the name implies, ATV is designed to handle a wide variety of terrain that blows away most other vehicles. Depending on what one wants, an ATV can be used as a power sports joyrider or a utility machine.

The vehicles are available in 125 CC+, 200 CC+, 250 CC+ and 500 CC+. Special vehicles can be made to order right upto 1200 CC. Sports ATVs, the main focus for AMS, are designed with a simple goal in mind – go fast. These machines can accelerate in a hurry and can be whipped around corners and sharp inclines with ease. Sport Quads are at home in light trails, motorsport tracks and even sand dunes – all terrains where speed and manoeuvrability are in high demand. Utility ATVs can be used for both work and fun. Whether it’s a standard ATV or a popular side-by-side, utility quads can do it all from golf courses to farmlands, and from mines to meadows. These machines are bigger and more rugged than the sports quads with ample ground clearance, bigger tyres and comfortable to help power you through the rough stuff.
Mr. Anupam Deb Founder and CEO Avigna motor
The products are priced from INR 1.5L onwards going up to INR 18 Lakhs. The sportswear gears are available from INR 25,000 up to INR 200,000 depending on necessity of protection needed.

ATV does not need to be registered in most countries including Indian RTOs and doesn’t even need a driving licence. However now ATV owners can ride their bike on the road as RTO registration is accepted in the state of Karnataka by the KARNATAKA HIGH COURT, but the vehicles need ARAI approval which is in pipeline. We strongly believe promoting this International Sport in India, will see an expected rise in Govt of Karnataka Tourism GDP by 7% -10% and PAN INDIA 25% to 30%.


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